The founder editor Shri Shyamdas started Shri Harinam Magazine in 1971. Initially it was published quarterly, however after 3 years, in 1974 the circulation of the magazine increased and it became monthly.
This magazine is registered with RNI, Govt. of India as well as the postal department to distribute it all over India at concessional postage charges.
This is the oldest magazine of the Chaitanya Sampradaya being published regularly from Vrindaban since the past 39 years. This is an authentic magazine of the Sampradaya. It contains religious articles, effective editorial, news from Vraja, the life-sketches of great saints, poetry, a list of vaishnava festivals and heart-touching quotes with beautiful pictures of temples or dieties on the multicolour cover.
It is published in the middle of every month by the non-commercial institution Shri Harinam Sankirtan Mandal. Dr. Giriraj Krishna Nangia is the cheif editor of the magazine. The literary team of co-editors, Shri Ganesh Dass Chugh and Dr. Bhagwat Krishna Nangia, help him to collect the information and maintain its quality & regularity.
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Monthly magazine published by a non-commercial institute