(Shri Shyam Lal Hakim)

Date of Birth : 3rd February, 1921

Birth place : Dera Gazi Khan (now in Pakistan)

Religion & Caste : Hindu, Arora (Nangia)

Nikunjlila Pravesh: 9th November 2005, Gopashtami

• Shri Shyamdas came to Vrindaban in 1947, some days before the partition of India. Earlier he use to visit Vrindaban many times to take Darshan before he settled here with his family.
• He was a Unani Doctor (Hakim) by profession. He practiced in Vrindaban and became a famous ‘Khandani Vaidya Ji’ in very short time.
• He took initiation from Prabhupada Shrila Devakinandan Goswami Maharaj of Shringarvat, who was a great saint in the Gaudiya Vaishnava / Chaitanya Sampradaya and the main Acharya of Nityanand Prabhu Gaddi.
• He loved to do Sankirtan, chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and read the Gaudiya Vaishnava books.
• He learned the Bengali language in Vrindaban. Then he started the translation of Bengali books into Hindi and wrote commentaries on them.
• He published his first book ‘Shrimad Vaishnava Siddhant Ratna Sangrah’ and after that ‘Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita’, ‘Shri Gopal Champu’ etc., which are the topmost philosophical and Leela books of sampradaya.
• He established Shri Harinam Press in 1969 to print only his own books, but later on it became a public concern due to a very pronounced lack of qualified printers in Vrindaban.
• He started Shri Harinam Magazine, a religious Periodical in 1971, which is still being published. The magazine features religious articles, news, questionares, bhajans etc. Thousands of readers get knowledge and learn the actual goal of human life. This magazine is circulating throughout India.
• By the mercy of Lord Nitai-Gaur Mahaprabhu he started writing books since 1966 and this was continued till his departure in 2005. Over such a long period he translated hundreds of books, edited thousands of articles and wrote lakhs of pages. He did this great job with all his duties and without leaving his home or family.
• He formed a society called ‘Shri Harinam Sankirtan Mandal’ for religious activities like Nam Sankirtan, preachings, festivals as well as book-publication. He organised a 4 day religious festival every year for 20 years on the occasion of Holi and the appearance day of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in which the divine Rasa Lila, Gaurang Lila and preachings of great saints were offered to visitors Vraja.
• He had his own Thakur-Seva and a Mandir to do Sankirtan everyday in morning and on every wednesday in evening. It is continued till today by his family.
• He had so many well-wishers and religious friends. The founder of ISKCON, Shrila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada was one of them. When the opening ceremony of ISKCON, Vrindaban was being celebrated, he was the master of ceremony. He was the

founder secretary of Vrindaban Research Institute and a member of so many other religious organizations as well.

• He left for the divine abode of Shri Radha Krishna on the 9th November 2005 at 11:20 pm in Vrindaban after few days of illness. This day was Gopashtami. Sankirtan was going on at that time. All his family members were there. On the 10th November 2005, the great

festive day of Akshay Navami, his Antim Sanskar (Fire Ceremony) was done at the bank of divine river Yamuna. Hundreds of family members, saints, friends, well-wishers were present there to offer condolances for this great soul.

• His sons Dr. Giriraj Krishna Nangia and Dr. Bhagwat Krishna Nangia both hold doctorates in Philosophy & literature, look after his Publications, Harinam Patrika and Printing Press alongside their own other business.
• Shri Shyamdas was an actual saint, a pure Gaudiya Vaishnava, who offered his services throughout his life to the people of the Vaishnava world.